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Providing employer support in the event of an employee suffering an injury, disability or illness.

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Life is unpredictable, and situations may arise that leave your employees facing difficulties at work or just needing a little extra help to get things done. No matter what the situation, you can rely on Work Assist to provide you with dedicated support.

Work Assist is offered by our highly experienced team at no cost to you or your employees. It is designed to help you support your employee to maintain their current long-term employment, while working through any obstacles in the way.

Our team will meet with you to identify the areas that are preventing your employee from thriving in their role, and work in partnership with you and your employee for a minimum of six months to achieve the best outcomes for all.

Assistance and management strategies for success.

Once we understand the challenges, our Edge team will work with you and your employee to co-design strategies to get them back on track. These can include:

  • Arranging health assistance, such as occupational therapy, counselling and other allied health services
  • Support with any required workplace modifications
  • Re-defining their job role, if necessary
  • Workplace assessments
  • Skills development
  • Access to funding for workplace modifications or specialist equipment (if required)

To find out more about Work Assist, please view our eligibility criteria here.

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