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What sets Edge apart is our commitment to working in long-term partnership with employers and job seekers. We are a people business, and the relationships we develop with the people we work with are the foundation to our success.

None of this would be possible without employers joining us on our mission to change lives through the power of employment. Here is what some of them had to say.

ARL Group

“Working with Edge provides a total solution to having a new employee that is managed and supported from recruitment through to on the job support. There’s no additional cost to us so we get the benefit of it, the employee gets the benefit but also Edge gets the benefit, so it is very much a win-win all around.”

Community Housing

“We’ve worked with a number of recruitment agencies and we’re happy to say that Edge is one of the best. They took time to understand our organisation and what we were looking for, we would be happy to recommend Edge.”


“The program has increased the awareness by staff and managers in seeing the ‘ability’ rather than the ‘disability’.”

Gibson Bennes Industries (GBI)

“The staff at Edge were able to find the right staff to fit the role we were looking for and our specific needs. The Edge staff understood what our needs were as an organisation and found the right people with the right skills to suit what we needed.”


“Employing people with a disability has allowed Iluka to engage and benefit from a highly motivated workforce, which has further strengthened our company’s culture with regards to diversity and inclusion.”


“Employing a person with disability is one of our best business decisions in years.”

Mercy Care

“Edge plays a really important role in assisting us to increase the inclusivity and diversity of our workforce.”

Pan Pacific Perth

“One of the biggest differences I have found with working with Edge is that our account manager is really looking for the best solution for both the candidate and for Pan Pacific as well.”


“Edge’s service is excellent; they make the recruitment process easier by covering pre-screening and short listing. The ongoing back up support is absolutely fantastic…we look forward to continuing to work with Edge.”


“The reward you get out of mentoring somebody with a disability is huge. Edge have been fantastic with providing that one on one support for working with people with a disability.”


“Employing people with disabilities is a strategic imperative for RAC as it promotes diversity of thought and better reflects our membership base and the WA community. We are extremely happy with the support we receive. Edge are always professional and are responsive to our needs right throughout the process, from sourcing suitable candidates to the on-the-job support during employment.”

Red Rooster

“The team at Edge have provided a number of staff to us over the course of the last couple of years, they have proved to be reliable, helpful and proactive in assisting us to fill our various vacancies, the backup support post-employment has also proven to be above our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Edge to any employer seeking staff now or in the future.”

Soft Landing

“The level of service provided to us by Edge has exceeded our expectation, they are highly professional, approachable and friendly… I would not hesitate in recommending them to other employers.”

St John of God

“I think it really helps as an employer to know that you will be supported, the journey with Anthony has been pretty smooth but it helps to know that you’ve got people who you can refer to and come in to help you if you need it.”


“We have worked with Edge for several years now and are more than happy to recommend them for their highly ethical, professional and friendly conduct. Their team works hard to ensure recruited staff are well suited for their positions and supported beyond the initial recruitment phase. An excellent service and an excellent team.”


“Assisting Edge and the candidates they support has been very rewarding for everyone involved.”


“Edge was so responsive to our needs, their support and encouragement to the team has been outstanding. I’m really proud of our success hiring through Edge. Their staff are professional and so passionate about what they do.”

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