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We love telling stories and sharing good news. So take a seat and read about Edge’s amazing job seekers, inspiring employers and all our other exciting news.  

Edition 43- All Stars

Edition 42- Lachlan has big dreams because he can

Edition 41- Rita’s Can. Do. Story

Edition 40- Will you employ a person with disability?

Edition 39- Edge staff shine at their Night of Stars

Edition 38- Kat farewells Edge as she heads to the USA

Edition 37- Can Do. Never can’t those who can.

Edition 36- Research highlights the lag in disability inclusion

Edition 35- Edge’s inspiring people inspiring others

Edition 34- Diversity is intent. Inclusion is action.

Edition 33- Do you have an inclusive website?

Edition 32- Mental health- to share… or not to share

Edition 31- Behind a great child is a great mum

Edition 30- Edge welcomes two new Board members

Edition 29- Anthony celebrates 20 years at Woolworths Subiaco!

Edition 28- Australia Post become the largest organisation to achieve Disability Confident Recruiter Status

Edition 27- Water Corporation is taking action!

Edition 26- Driving organisational change

Edition 25- Changing lives through the power of employment

Edition 24- When everybody wins!

Edition 23- Farewell 2020!

Edition 22- The season for celebration!

Edition 21- It’s International Day of People with Disability!

Edition 20- Hire for attitude and train for skill! Pan Pacific Perth’s GM Rob Weeden Explains how their recruitment practices benefit everyone.

Edition 19- To Mt Everest and beyond!

Edition 18- We’re in it for the long haul!

Edition 17- When the Impossible becomes Possible

Edition 16- Changing Lives Through Charged Up for Work

Edition 15 – What Feels As Good As Winning An Olympic Gold Medal?

Edition 14 – We Are Celebrating!

Edition 13 – 32% Of Our OWN Workforce Has A Disability

Edition 12 – Holistic Long-term Support

Edition 11 – A Different Conversation

Edition 10 – With Challenge Comes Opportunity – CEO update

Edition 9 – Finding a Place

Edition 8 – Just Like Anybody Else

Edition 7 – Opening The Door

Edition 6 – Support When Things Change

Edition 5 – Giving Someone a Go in Trying Times

Edition 4 – Seeing Ability Over Disability

Edition 3 – Living Your Company Values

Edition 2 – Workplace Adjustments – What Do They Really Involve?

Edition 1 – Taking A Leap Of Faith

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