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Having a job is a key part of life that everyone deserves to experience.

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What are some of the first questions you get asked when you meet someone new or catch up with a friend? Chances are, they’re along the lines of: ‘How’s work? What have you been doing lately? What are you working on now?’

That’s because having a job is a key component of life. It helps to provide meaning and purpose, pay the bills, provide shelter and support, keep boredom at bay and create lasting, meaningful connections. And it’s something that every person has the right to experience.

However, for the one in five Australians with a disability, difficulty finding work can be a struggle. Out of the 2.1 million Australians of working age who live with disability, only 1 million are employed.

To put that into perspective, 84% of Australians of working age without disability are employed, while only 53% of Australians of working age with disability are employed.1 We need to close the gap and give all Australians the opportunity to work in meaningful employment.

Our team at Edge are passionate about this. We see past the disability and instead see the person for all the things they can do. Not can’t. At Edge, we’re changing lives through the power of employment – because we believe everyone deserves access to meaningful employment.

If you’d like support in finding a job, or are looking to offer employment to people with disability, we’d love to talk to you.

Sally Hollins

Chief Executive Officer

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