Benefits of employing people with a disability

People with disability have so much to offer to the workplace.

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Making the decision to employ someone with disability can help to change so many lives for the better. It also helps to encourage a more diverse workplace, improved culture and productivity, as well as ongoing community support. There are also a number of tangible business benefits, too.

Eight reasons to employ people with a disability

  1. Employing people with disability can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased morale, a more positive workplace culture and reduced workers compensation claims.
  2. Employees with disability generally have very good problem-solving skills, as they have often had to overcome barriers or challenges to perform tasks that others take for granted.
  3. The number of OHS incidents for an employee with disability is six times lower than that of an average employee.
  4. There is generally a lower turnover of employees with disability, helping to reduce the costs of recruiting.
  5. Employees with disability have fewer sick days compared to an average employee.
  6. Research has shown that people with disability generally have a very positive work attitude and work ethos, which offers a number of run-on benefits.
  7. Hiring people with disability contributes positively to the overall diversity of the workplace, while enhancing its image among staff, customers and the wider community.
  8. There will be benefits to existing staff who find it rewarding to work alongside people with disability.1

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1 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employ Outside The Box 2014.

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