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Each year 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness. Research has shown that most people lack the confidence and knowledge to offer assistance. Physical first aid is commonly accepted and widespread in our community however, most do not cover mental health challenges. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) teaches people the skills to help someone who they are concerned about.

At Edge we offer a range of blended online courses in areas such as the workplace, community, tertiary and financial services as well as the standard refresher course. Each course teaches participants how to assist people who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves. The course is delivered by an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

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Who is this course for?

Any adult can attend this course.

What is the course format?

The courses are delivered online.

What is the cost?

Standard Mental Health First Aid

Component one includes 5 to 7 hours of eLearning, costing $88 plus postage of the Standard Mental Health First Aid Manual.

Once completed, you will be required to book Component two, two instructor led 2.5 hour sessions, costing $216.70.

Refresher course

5 hour instructor led session costing $176.

Refresher course plus fourth edition Standard Mental Health First Aid Manual costing $214.50.

Benefits of attending the course:

  • improves knowledge and treatment of mental illnesses
  • teaches appropriate first aid strategies
  • decreases stigma around mental health
  • increases help for people with mental health.

After completing a Mental Health First Aid course participants are eligible to complete an online assessment to become an Accredited Mental Health First Aider. Accreditation lasts three years.

Course dates:

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Participant feedback about our accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor:

“Dal was authentic, calm and I appreciated the sharing of her personal experience with mental health, which normalised the topic.”

“Dal provided a safe space for learning and is a great facilitator.”

“I thought I had a good understanding of mental health but this course really opened my eyes to the stigma people with a mental illness face every day.”

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