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The Edge team are now offering fortnightly half-day Mental Health First Aid refresher courses. The training will be at our Subiaco training room from 9am to 1pm on Fridays.

A Mental Health First Aid refresher course is suitable for anyone who has completed a standard 12 hour face-to-face or online course within the last three years. The course will support you by:

  • Renewing your current skills
  • Providing an opportunity to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
  • Updating current knowledge of mental health in Australia

Why is it important?
In the same way that physical first aiders are required to undertake refresher courses to keep their skills updated, so must Mental Health First Aiders.

As more research is conducted in this space, the actions and responses required by Mental Health First Aiders are adapted.

Some of the topics that Mental Health First Aid refresher courses cover are:

  • Updated resources
  • Mental health stigmas, perceptions and misconceptions
  • Exploration of new and updated warning signs
  • Symptoms of poor mental health
  • Self-care and wellbeing

This training is a must for Mental Health First Aiders who want to continue providing appropriate support in their workplace and community, and who want to be confident in their knowledge and abilities. Refresher courses are a great way to empower participants should they be needed in the event of someone experiencing mental health problems.

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