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Courage to change

We have a special follow up story that we would like to share. Back in July, we shared Caitlin’s story of empowerment and determination to complete her Certificate III in Auslan. This was made possible by Edge’s Customer Relations Advisor Amanda. “The staff at Edge have given me the confidence and courage to enter the workforce again. It has given me a sense of empowerment having the confidence to take control of completing one of my main goals. Something I did not think I could achieve when first being referred to Edge.”

Fast track to now and Caitlin is certainly empowered and determined.

Recently for Youth Week WA in May, Headspace hosted a Visual Art Competition for young people aged 12-25. The artwork and description were based on the Youth Week WA theme ‘Courage to Change.’ Caitlin was the winner for Headspace Midland and she wanted to show her art and share her description.

“My artwork represents the courage to change due to the power we hold within our own hands. I created this piece to represent my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). The painting’s scenery resembles a few things in life for me. Sometimes things can be very black and white and it’s hard to find that grey area, but the power I hold within my own hands to make changes within myself can be oh so bright and colourful. Just like art, my life can be messy and imperfect, but it’s also something that is beautiful and deserves to be treasured for all the effort that’s gone into making it mine. Our lives are masterpieces, you have the courage to change, the power is all in your hands; just pick up the brush.

Winning and being awarded a $150 voucher and a little Headspace merch pack honestly took me by surprise, but it meant so much to me for many reasons. I’d like to share a few. Focusing on the Youth Week theme ‘Courage to change’ and the Health Headspace Tip ‘Get Into Life’ I was able to get creative and do something that I enjoy that helped boost my mood and keep my headspace healthy which is important. Sometimes trying to explain how a mental health issue feels and how it affects us can be hard to communicate, I found this especially hard explaining the concept to my Deaf lecturer whose first language is Auslan. This painting also became a method of communication where she was able to understand my emotions and battles through my art almost instantly as a visual learner. And finally, due to anxiety I struggle to speak in small settings and haven’t spoken publicly in 12 years, but this painting had me standing and presenting this speech in front of a big crowd.

I feel I could not have achieved this without the support and encouragement from the staff at Edge. Thank you.”

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