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Can Do. Never can’t those who can.

Today we had the pleasure of filming four of our Edge clients as part of our new and exciting CAN DO campaign. Launching late August, our campaign will aim to build awareness in disability employment and shift perceptions for both employers and job seekers.

We have found that for both employers and job seekers, the most common barrier to overcome is self-doubt. But when we look at it objectively, there are far more things people with disabilities can do, than can’t. And this is what our campaign will showcase.

Despite the Can Do’s outnumbering the Can’t Do’s, our recent Intent to Action Report found that 76% of employers are not actively recruiting people with disability. Therefore, we want to use this campaign and share our insights to show that just because someone may have a disability, it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable.

Our research also highlighted that when employers think of the types of disabilities, 91% assume physical disability, 61% assume intellectual disability and 44% assume vision impairment. However, it is important to understand that the term ‘disability’ is a complex and evolving concept that covers a range of conditions, including mental health. So, it does not mean that someone cannot do a job. Instead, it means they may do the job differently.

Our upcoming videos will highlight our clients’ range of skills, achievements and abilities. We can’t wait to share their stories and show you what people with disability CAN DO.

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