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Reece is loving his job as a Yard Manager because he is surrounded by an incredibly supportive team, and the thing that brings him the most joy, cars. Reece’s responsibilities at Mad Man Motors in Wangara include maintaining the visual aspect of all cars in the lot, ensuring cars are detailed and ready to be sold, and keeping the yard tidy and presentable.

When we asked Reece why he engaged with Edge he said, “I was very motivated to find employment and heard great things about Edge. The fact that they support every individual on the job was one very big plus.”

“Edge helped me secure a job and provided me with the assistance to start on my first day with full confidence. The fact that Edge was there from the interview stage and supported me the whole way through until I started my new role. I feel a lot more confident knowing my Employer Consultant is only a phone call away.”

Edge dedicates an Employer Consultant to each Client who assists with job searching, resumé guidance and interview preparation. Reece has been supported by Will, “My first day would have been very difficult as I was very nervous and not sure how the day would go. Will picked me up and ensured I was comfortable before letting me go work on my own. This took a lot of the anxiety away as I know I have his full support and regardless of any obstacle that I may face, I know it can be overcome with Edge by my side,” said Reece.

Reece is also supported by his Job Coach, Bhakti. “My Job Coach makes me feel empowered and supported. I feel confident with my abilities and know that I can accomplish anything because the support network is there to help me upskill and tend to any problems I might run into.”

Employment has changed Reece’s life and given him a purpose and the ability to learn new skills. He also has the opportunity to work on his financial management skills to achieve his goal of owning a 4×4.

Both Edge and Reece are thankful for supportive employers like Mad Man Motors’ owner, Dave. “The thing I love the most about my manager is the support he provides during my shifts, he is always checking in on me and ensures I have everything I need. The best thing about my manager is he created this opportunity and has allowed me to prove that a disability isn’t a barrier to employment when you are working at a business that you are passionate about.”

After our catch-up with Reece, his parting advice was, “you should give everyone a go, you never know, they might be the best employee you ever have.”

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