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Nearing the end of his schooling, Year 12 student Joseph has been left pondering ‘what is next?’ He recently came to Edge’s NDIS program for School Leaver Employment Supports to assist him in transitioning from his current weekend car wash job to his next venture.

Edge is exploring different ideas and pathways with Joseph to help him identify what he might like to try once school finishes and where these career pathways may lead. Joseph has a passion for fitness, mental well-being, art and cooking. In between school, work and going to the gym, you will find him completing short online courses for self-improvement and mindfulness.

During Joseph’s last session he requested to go to the beach as the weather was finally warm and sunny. The beach seemed like a brilliant place to incorporate some mindfulness techniques, build rapport with his NDIS Consultant and practice mock interview questions. Joseph stated that he really enjoyed the beach trip as his NDIS Consultant’s support was friendly and tailored to his needs.

Joseph is excited at the possibility of completing a work trial in a gym environment to see if this could be his future career. He feels that with his ASD diagnosis along with his friendly face and personality, he will be able to welcome new clients into the gym who may find gyms overwhelming.

Our NDIS team are looking forward to helping Joseph transition from school to employment.

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