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With a never-give-up attitude and the support of the Charged Up for Work (CUFW) program, Andrew is gaining valuable employment skills and an eagerness for work. Andrew recently completed our 7 week work preparation program and was then assisted by the CUFW team to secure work experience at Coles Southland.

“I feel supported and empowered. The program taught me about employment opportunities, confidence, a tax file number, how to write a resume and prepare for an interview,” said Andrew about how CUFW has benefited him.

After completing the program, each student is supported to find an employment opportunity to build their skills. When we asked Andrew about this experience, he responded with a giant smile, “They went with me to hand in my resume at different businesses to find work experience near my house. My mentor also came with me on my first day of work placement and he contacted the business to see how I am going, and he checked up with my Mum as well.

It has been the most enjoyable experience. Edge has helped me know what is expected in a workplace environment to find a job and they prepared me well to get a paid job.”

Finding your first opportunity is crucial for youth as they learn expectations and workplace norms. But landing your first role is also important in skills building, for Andrew his role at Coles has helped him grow, “It has helped me with my independence and helped me to get a job for the future. It has taught me what having a job means.”

Our support doesn’t stop once we help you find a job. For Andrew, this support has been provided by not only the CUFW team but also Susana at Coles. “Andrew is very hard-working and passionate about his job. He is very keen to learn and watch what other team members are doing, like picking up online shopping. Andrew will ask questions if he is not sure what he is doing, and he will always lend a hand to help others if needed,” said Susana.

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