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Motivated, determined and hard working.

These are just a collection of traits that describe Daniel, a young man who has overcome many difficulties in his life while developing a penchant for graphic design. He shines with confidence and excitement, a far cry from the shy and quiet Daniel who walked into the Edge office a few years ago.

Daniel has a history of depression and anxiety, something he has coped with since he was a teenager. Because of this, it has had a major impact on his confidence, which challenged his ability to exercise any form of motivation.

One day out of nowhere, Daniel had a seizure. It was a situation that he struggled to understand and make sense of.

Daniel says, “I had a seizure and got diagnosed with a brain cavernoma. At the time, I didn’t really understand what was happening, it was pretty strange to me.”

“Since then I’ve had a couple of MRI’S, but now have medication to help deal with the seizures. The doctors have been really helpful. They’re grateful that the medication is not just helping my brain, but is also helping my depression as well.”

Following this period, Daniel completed a Graphic Design course at Central West TAFE. It’s an area of work that you can tell is very important to him.

“With graphic design, you can design anything you like and it’s really satisfying for me to work on the computer. There’s also so many options that you can have that come out of it,” Daniel states.

With this passion for graphic design, it was no wonder that he decided that this was the area of work he wanted to pursue.  After a long period of unemployment, his mum came across Edge online and brought him in to talk about our services. With Edge’s assistance and Daniel’s hard work, he has been able to acquire a job with Xpress Print– a business that deals in professional graphic design and printing.

Daniel describes the job as a really great experience, were he has learnt various new skills.

“It’s one thing learning how to design things and using the software associated with the field, but putting that into practice is a lot better. You have to work against time restraints and work with real people who know what they want.”

“Dealing with customers and clients was something that I was really shy about before, but hanging around strangers is not so awkward for me any more.”

His Job Coach Tania radiates with pride when speaking about Daniel’s achievements.

“I’m just so proud of him. When I first met him at work to help settle in, I used to walk into the office and he’d carry on with his head down. Now, he greets me and doesn’t click on the computer.” Tania explains.

“He’s gone from being very quiet and shy, but to giving people eye contact at work. That’s been a massive development.”

Daniel now has the drive to excel in his chosen career path. He’s excited to progress further in his job and absorb as much information as he possibly can. It’s evident that Edge has played a huge impact in changing Daniel’s attitude to life and reverse the motivation and determination he once struggled with. It’s this change that we want to create for all of our clients that come through the Edge door, and it’s our mission to make sure we do so.

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