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The perfect pair. Just like chopsticks

Matthew, who is currently completing his Certificate III in Business, loves his role at Turban Chopsticks. This is thanks to the great people and working environment at Turban Chopsticks; a true reflection of the positive culture within the business.

Having the opportunity to complete a school-based traineeship has changed Matthew’s life. It has allowed him to be more confident, has developed his communication skills and has improved his willingness to ask for guidance when required. This role has helped Matthew by providing him with a well-structured routine, in an encouraging environment where he feels included.

Edge started working with Turban Chopsticks in 2019 when their CEO, Mei Yong reached out to us. Since then, she always speaks highly of the Edge team, “They are an extension of our company. They keep us informed of industry changes and have a strong alignment with our company values and ethos. We are proud to collectively provide opportunities to support people with disability. Together we create an inclusive workplace and culture, so everyone belongs.”

Mei values the importance of having an open, supportive partnership with Edge because it helps them to find the right people for the right roles. When reflecting on what else is great about Edge, Mei sings our praises, “Their communication is excellent, and we feel less isolated as a company. They don’t just focus on recruitment; they also look at training opportunities to further develop our team.”

The team at Edge wishes Matthew all the very best as he completes his school-based traineeship. We’re excited to see where this journey leads him. We are grateful to be able to support employers like Turban Chopsticks, who work with us to change lives through the power of employment.

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