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Sweet Sixteen

We all remember how special it was to turn 16. But this 16-year celebration is like no other. Calla, Edge’s Receptionist, has been welcoming clients and guests into the Subiaco office for the last 16 years!

Calla’s welcoming kindness, warmth and friendliness are unforgettable. Every day she keeps busy greeting our guests, answering calls, completing various administration tasks and directing the steady traffic of people through our doors.

When we asked Calla why she enjoys coming to work, she said, “I love the people I work with, and every day is different. I have grown as a person, my confidence has improved, and my job gives me a sense of purpose. I feel empowered, valued and worthy.”

Calla works closely with her Edge Job Coach Chelsea, “We talk about everything and anything! My Job Coach is someone who is understanding and always takes the time to check in.”

Outside of work, Calla can be found kicking goals with her personal trainer and volunteering at the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre. Calla has a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems, so we feel incredibly lucky to have her on the team.

Years ago, Calla was told she would not get a job, she never believed it. Today, she shares her own advice to anyone looking for employment, “Don’t let your disability define you. Accept your limitations, but it doesn’t mean you should stop trying.” To the employers reading this story, Calla says, “First impressions aren’t everything. You need to take the time to get to know the person, and what their strengths are because everybody deserves a chance.”

Employment has changed Calla’s life for the better, she benefits from working in a supportive and caring environment. Calla feels comfortable and can always be herself without any fear of judgement. She is incredibly grateful to Edge as she believes she would not have a job without their support.

Calla is ready to welcome you to Edge with a smile. So the next time you are in Subiaco, come say hello, and wish Calla a happy sweet 16.

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