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Stepping outside your comfort zone

Alex is currently studying a Bachelor of Education and is motivated to make a difference in the lives of others. He’s hardworking and a reliable team player, with a fantastic attitude. Alex is never afraid to try something new and give anything a go.

When he’s not studying, Alex is either completing triathlons or working at Sovereign Arms Bar & Bistro in the busy Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre. Alex is a Barman, responsible for providing great customer service, the responsible service of alcohol, and ensuring the venue is clean and presentable. When asked what he loves about his role, Alex said “I really enjoy meeting people and have made great connections.”

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From the beginning, Alex made a positive impression on his manager, Emma. “Alex has been an amazing fit. He has been a team player since day one and has integrated and applied himself one hundred per cent.” For Alex, one of the significant benefits of his role is how it has opened him up to new environments and situations. “I have gained so much more confidence and have learned to communicate more clearly,” he said.

Alex has the utmost respect for Emma, and is incredibly grateful for the doors she has opened for him. “Emma has been very welcoming from the start. She is very understanding and compassionate,” he said. Thanks to the support of Emma and the Edge Joondalup team, Alex has enjoyed his employment journey and encourages other employers to give people with disability a go.

To those people with disability, he says: “step outside your comfort zone.”

Emma’s experience with Alex and Edge has been inspirational. “We would like to work closer with Edge and provide more opportunities for other clients. Alex has been a perfect example of how disabilities shouldn’t be a barrier to employment. If we all showed more compassion and inclusion, the world would be a better place.”

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