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Soham is set up for success

Recently in our newsletter we featured Soham who shared his story at our Edge AGM. Soham has recently begun a new role and we are excited to give you an update on his journey.

On November 1, Soham commenced at Synergy as a Transformation and Technology Officer in the IT Orchestration Department. He was very excited to begin the new role and on his first day he was warmly greeted in the foyer by his new Manager (and given a Synergy welcome pack). Soham has comfortably settled into the position and is getting used to his new duties. One of his strengths is technology and he is really enjoying working with Microsoft Excel, Power BI and SAP.

Team Leader Jason and co-worker Faeeza have been a massive help and are working to set Soham up for success. A supportive team like the one at Synergy makes the world of difference.

Another key reason why Soham is excelling, is his Edge Job Coach Fern. With regular site visits and meetings, Fern is a sounding board for Soham to help him transition into his new role and overcome any obstacles that arise. Fern loves working with Soham because, “He is such a positive person who sees the best in every situation. I can’t wait to continue to watch Soham grow!” The Edge team also can’t wait to watch his journey, and we look forward to seeing Soham thrive.

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