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Sean steps out of his comfort zone with great success

Recently we caught up with Sean, who came to Edge after struggling with work and finding a suitable position. After talking to a family member, he became aware of Edge and how we can help people like him who experience ADHD and dyslexia find and keep meaningful employment.

Edge was able to secure Sean a role with Western Edge Landscapes and he has gone from strength to strength with the support of his Job Coach Philip. “Edge has helped me by providing the comfort of knowing someone is there to help and understand my needs. Plus, they have found me the best job I have had to date. I am also now able to afford my own place and move out, I have my own independence, which is great! I can honestly say that everyone I have been involved with at Edge, have been supportive. This has made my experience a very welcoming one” said Sean.

Sean said that his role as a Landscape Assistant and Garden Hand working outdoors doing the gardening, was initially out of his comfort zone but as he settled in his confidence grew. He also mentioned that the patience and generosity of his Manager Justin has really helped. “Be patient with those who struggle with a disability. Once you find their strengths, it will help your understanding of disability in the workplace, which in return will give you a better understanding of their struggles” was his advice to all Employers.

When we spoke to Justin he was clearly pleased with Sean’s rapid growth; “He’s gone from basically no experience, to being proficient at all the tasks asked of him. Sean communicates excellently with our Clients and has quickly learned what is needed and expected at over 60 different properties.”

Justin noted that Sean’s productivity can drop off at times, but together they have acknowledged the issue and identified it as an area that Sean can continually push himself in.

Sean has now progressed from 2 days to 4 or 5 days per week and has a bright future with his new Employer. “He is extremely reliable, conscientious and intelligent. He’s become a valued member of our team who will be welcome for many years to come given the results he has produced in the last 8-9 months” added Justin.

Congratulations Sean on stepping outside of your comfort zone and adding so much value to Western Edge Landscapes!

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