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After completing the seven week work preparation training component of Edge’s Charged Up for Work (CUFW) program, Jordan almost immediately embarked on a trip around Australia. Upon returning, he worked with his CUFW Consultant to find a suitable and meaningful opportunity. This came at the BikeDr. located at QV1.

This opportunity was perfect for Jordan as he could explore his passion for bikes while learning how to service and recondition them for resale. With Jordan’s strong work ethic and determination, it was a perfect fit.

Behind Jordan’s success is not just the Edge team and his supportive employer but also his family, with his parents sharing, “The CUFW program has been invaluable for Jordan and our family. Jordan really came out of his shell thanks to the amazing people who worked with him. He has gained a lot more confidence in himself and always had someone from CUFW there for him when he needed it. CUFW was literally on the journey with Jordan, start to finish, and always kept us in the loop. We are incredibly grateful Jordan had the opportunity to participate and thank everyone involved.”

We have enjoyed being on Jordan’s employment journey and we look forward to seeing what Jordan will achieve.

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