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At only 29 years of age Christopher Bell is a proud home-owner and he couldn’t be happier with the direction his life is taking. After moving out of his family home a little over a year ago, Chris now lives just a hop, skip and a jump away from work at Joondalup Health Campus and is enjoying the freedom of independent life.

While Chris keeps very busy with a host of different activities such as bowling, cooking, exhibiting his artwork and listening to music, maintaining a long term stable job continues to be the anchor point of his success. As well as the income to fund his home and busy lifestyle, Chris shares that “work keeps me busy and gives me company”.

“They’re a really supportive group” says Job Coordinator Lauren of Chris’s colleagues. Chris has become increasingly independent under their guidance over his 8 year tenure. Where once Lauren was required to be onsite to support Chris 2-3 days per week, she now only checks in with Chris and the team once every 2-3 weeks.

“Work keeps me busy and gives me company.”

Reece Langford, Purchasing and Supply Officer at JHC, has now been working with Chris for over 4 years and is grateful for the support from Edge. Reece tells how Lauren is always available to offer encouragement and suggestions on how to best supervise Chris, but at the end of the day he sees Chris as just one of the team. Chris helps to keep work morale high and Reece enjoys hearing about his week and sharing a laugh with him. Chris too appreciates the workplace camaraderie and always feels very included.

Christopher laughing while in his works storeroom

“They look after me a lot” says Chris. He lights up as he goes on to recount the time he got to be a Chef for a day. Knowing how much Chris loves to cook and of his ambition to run the hospital kitchen, Executive Chef John Creasey arranged a surprise for Chris when he arrived to work one morning and gave him his very own Chef’s uniform and reign of the hospital kitchen for a day. Inspired by this opportunity, Chris now tests recipes at home to share with John and aims to one day be working alongside him in the JHC kitchen. “Now the last thing on my mind” says Chris, “is getting a girlfriend and getting married.”

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