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Our mantra is inclusion

At Edge Employment Solutions we are always striving to create a future where people of all abilities contribute meaningfully to every part of life. Our aim is to work with Western Australian employers to ensure people with disability, injury, illness, health condition or impairment have the opportunity to secure and maintain fulfilling work.

We are always looking to begin new partnerships to help us achieve this. Since 1984, we have worked hard to build beneficial partnerships with small, medium and large Western Australian businesses.

One of the recent partnerships we have formed is with Mantra Hotels. Their values align with ours and they believe in providing equal opportunities for all. Our Edge Account Manager Shirley has been working closely with Jonamel Diola, Housekeeping Manager of their four properties (Mantra on Hay Perth, Mantra on Murray Perth, Peppers Kings Square Perth and The Adnate Perth-Art Series) to provide opportunities for our clients. “Shirley and her team at Edge connect us with many passionate people in need of an opportunity and provide their continuous support to their clients and employers alike,” said Jonamel.

“What we do at Mantra Hotels in Perth is create limitless opportunities. Working in the housekeeping department teaches an individual all aspects of the hospitality industry, allowing them to grow and achieve their potential. We bring our motivation, care and passion to everything we do. My goal as a manager is to guide each individual on their journey into discovering themselves and their passion for the industry in whichever direction this may take them. Allowing each individual to discover their own path to growth and act independently so they can learn and be inspired on their path to success, so that one day they may teach and inspire others.”

Over the last three months, Mantra Hotels have created opportunities for four of our clients, Tayla, Lachlan, Alyssah and Alyssa, as housekeeping attendants. This will allow their confidence and skills in the hospitality industry to grow. Next week, job seeker Karla will begin a work trial. We wish Karla all the best and thank Mantra Hotels for allowing Karla to gain experience. Work trials are great opportunities for our clients and employers to determine if they will be a good fit for long-term success.

The Accor Apartments and Realty team of leaders and team members in WA have created a supportive workplace. Karl Henry, Area Manager of Accor Apartments & Realty for Western Australia, “Sometimes the hardest thing to do when starting any career is getting your foot through the door. I greatly appreciate the services that Edge provides to those wanting to join our wonderful industry and the partnership we have. With many great opportunities across our hotels and resorts, I am a strong believer in diversity and providing an inclusive culture for all. Without someone taking a chance and providing me an opportunity when I first began in the industry a little over 10 years ago, I would not be where I am today.”

We are excited to continue this partnership with Mantra Hotels and see our clients work in an inclusive environment and have the opportunity to secure meaningful employment.

Pictured: Pauline Key – Edge Job Coach and Shirley Teow – Edge Account Manager with Alyssa Tang – Edge Client, Karl Henry – Area Manager of Accor Apartments & Realty for Western Australia and Jonamel Diola – Housekeeping Manager at Mantra Hotels.

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