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No is the easy answer

“No is the easy answer, say yes and you might be surprised.”

Zoe engaged with Edge’s services as part of her NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports to build capacity for employment. After working closely with the Edge team to identify her interests and passions, Zoe was assisted with job searching, interview techniques, job applications, confidence building, social skills including advocating for herself, and on-the-job skills related to her interest in hospitality and customer service skills.

Working with her NDIS Employment Support Coach, they began face-to-face marketing to find a suitable opportunity that matched her skills and interests. An opportunity was provided by one of Edge’s supportive partners, Café Mojo in Mundaring. We are proud to share that Zoe is now completing work experience as a Café Attendant and is hoping to turn this great opportunity with a supportive employer into paid employment.

When we asked Zoe how she has found this experience so far, she responded, “It is a lot of fun. I enjoy having something to do instead of being stuck in my room. My friendly coworkers make the shifts enjoyable, and it has made my life more enjoyable. I enjoy getting out of the house and interacting with people.”

Zoe was also appreciative of Edge’s network for finding this opportunity and the support they have provided, “Edge has guided me through everything, having that safety net has given me confidence. I feel supported and confident which has helped me gain confidence in my skills and abilities.”

Testament to her growing self-belief was reflected when Zoe mentioned, “I have social anxiety and can struggle with interacting with strangers, however, thanks to Edge, I have built techniques to manage this.”

NDIS Supervisor Jayden also commented about Zoe’s journey, “Zoe’s progress so far has been quite significant and impressive. Initially, Zoe was quite shy and unsure of her employment goals, but through the discovery process and working with Edge, Zoe has gained work experience at a Café and is looking to transition into paid employment.”

And to employers considering hiring people with disability, she shared, “No is the easy answer. Say yes and you might be surprised.”

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