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For the last 11 years, Tina has been working at Activ Foundation in the reception team. After meeting with Edge Employer Consultant Zack, Tina mentioned her past cleaning experience and expressed interest in finding extra work.

After their meeting, Zack contacted Edge Account Manager Shirley to see if there was an opportunity with one of Edge’s supportive employers for Tina to secure extra employment. “The next day Zack came to me to fill in paperwork and by Thursday I was working in a new role,” said Tina.

“Finding a job within open employment has taken some financial pressure off myself as I no longer must rely solely on my Disability Support Pension payments and the extra from my role at Activ to get by. It has opened the door to so many new possibilities.”

Securing two hours of extra work each day at Quad Services hasn’t just helped Tina with her financial pressure, but she is enjoying the supportive working environment where she feels empowered to be her best.

“The Team at Edge have helped me look forward to the future with an open mind and showed me how I am more capable than I thought I was. Zack has been extremely helpful from the beginning. Helping me create a resume, explaining different skills and providing examples of how I have skills that I thought I did not possess.

Edge Job Coach Fern and Zack’s knowledge has provided me with a better understanding of what open employment is and how to manage expectations.”

When we asked Tina how she feels about Edge’s support she responded, “empowered, motivated, engaged and embracing future possibilities.”

Tina also has some advice for managers and employers, “everyone has a skill set, some might be smaller than others, but this should not limit the opportunities that they are given.” We could not agree more.

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