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More than a place to work

A job is more than a place to work. For Susan, it was the opportunity to gain independence and support for her family.

Having immigrated to Australia over 10 years ago, Susan found it difficult to enter the workforce as people did not want to give her an opportunity. She was referred to Edge by a leading mental health organisation to help her find employment.

Susan engaged with Edge as, “I was depressed at home. I needed support for myself and income to assist my family.” Susan was feeling the pressure of running a household with five children and needed some extra assistance.

After reaching out to Edge, Susan was assigned a dedicated Employer Consultant who she worked closely with to get her ready for employment. “The Employer Consultants have played a vital role in helping me enter the workforce and opened the door for new feelings of success, financial independence and a general sense of control over my life.”

The Edge team worked with Susan to find suitable employment. This came in a Housekeeping role with Perth Ascot Central Apartment Hotel.

Susan is enjoying her new role, “I have the added benefit of doing what I have done for years while running a busy household, but now with the bonus of having a pay check.” She also likes her colleagues, the familiarity with the tasks and her supervisor Carol.

When we asked Carol what it was like working with Susan she responded, “She’s calm, jests with staff, is respectful, supportive and helpful.”

Edge has positively impacted Susan’s life, with her stating, “My Edge Job Coaches Jo and David have been great. They have helped bolster my confidence and encouraged me to excel.”

We could not agree more with Susan’s parting words, “Trust in your support and do not be afraid to reach out for support.”

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