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There’s nothing we love more than supporting a person turn their dream into a reality. That’s why we were excited to support Gordon in his pursuit of employment.

When we first met Gordon he believed he would never be able to enter the workforce again. In his own words, “I did not think I would step back into employment after being unemployed for nine years!” Today, with the support of Edge and Odeum Farms, Gordon has achieved his goal of working again.

For 65-year-old Gordon, returning to work has been a major blessing. “I have more independence and I am financially stable. Work gets me out of the house and interacting with different people,” he continued.

Gordon and Odeum Farms are not the only ones reaping the rewards of this working relationship, with Gordon’s family also seeing the positive influence employment has had on him.

Since Gordon began working again, his sister has seen his confidence and independence grow, and she is proud of what he has accomplished.

Gordon is also building new relationships in his job with Carlos, his Manager, who has been a major factor in Gordon’s success. When asked about his Manager, Gordon said, “I have great communication with Carlos which is one of the things that I love most about my job, and it has helped create a strong relationship.”

Gordon smiling while standing in front of a box of cucumbers while wearing a hair net and high-vis.To round out the support for Gordon and Carlos, Edge Job Coach Chloe, is always on hand to support when needed, something Gordon really appreciates, saying, “The extra support I have received to find suitable employment and stay employed is great. If I have any issues at work, I am confident I can call Chloe to help resolve the issues.”

After successfully gaining employment, Gordon has a message for all businesses considering hiring people with disability, saying, “There is no need to be nervous, everyone deserves a chance in employment. If the person can complete tasks as required why not give them the chance which can change their life.”

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