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Making a difference. One stitch at a time

Grace and Eva love working together at Hot Stitches, a West Australian family-owned business that has been manufacturing clothing for over 28 years. Using their passion and creativity, they support Hot Stitches in their quest to restore dignity to people who find it difficult to dress themselves.

The Hot Stitches founders got involved in special needs clothing after a family member with dementia and arthritis, struggled to get dressed. They found an opportunity to make a difference by adapting clothing, to make dressing easier for those who struggle to lift their arms and legs.

For Grace and Eva, being able to work in an environment that is adaptable and flexible, whilst doing good for people in the community, makes them thankful.

Since 2009, Edge has proudly supported Grace and Eva on their employment journey. With the help of their Job Coach, Natalie, their Hot Stitches workplace has been modified to ensure they have the right equipment, including tables, footrests, and chairs.

Grace and Eva are grateful for Edge’s assistance; helping boost their self-esteem by finding meaningful work that they love. When we asked how the Edge staff make them feel, Grace said, “Wonderful! On top of the world. We feel like we can rise above any situation.” Eva mirrored Grace’s sentiment adding, “Edge has done more than we could have imagined.” At the end of our interview, Grace and Eva shared their words of wisdom, “Give people with disability a go; they are loyal and also want the opportunity to grow and develop their own skills. Go and have a chat to the team at Edge. They are not only a good, caring organisation, they will offer you the support of a Job Coach, which for us has been nothing short of amazing.”

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