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Kat’s new job has ignited new passions

For Kat, the security and confidence that came from accepting a traineeship with MercyCare has been life-changing.

Having spent six years looking for work, the traineeship led to a full-time position, which in turn empowered Kat to regain her full independence. When asked about the impact the traineeship has made on her life, Kat answered in no uncertain terms: “It has literally changed my life. I entered the traineeship uncertain of what to expect. But now, a year later, I am confident in my job, in my team and in life in general”.

Inspired by her team, “I work with role models, who consistently inspire and motivate me to do and be better,” Kat is driven to hold the MercyCare mission and values to a high standard, motivated by a genuine passion for the work she does. Over time she has developed a real passion for everything they do and a drive to contribute to the purpose of MercyCare in every way she can.

Passions ignited and thriving in her role today, it wasn’t always an easy journey for Kat. When she became visually impaired, she started avoiding everyday things like using a computer, reading a book, and visiting shopping malls. It was, therefore, a daunting prospect for her to re-enter the workforce with the uncertainty of starting again. Although it was hard at times, as Kat explains, it was a challenge she will never regret:

“All I can say to anybody pursuing new employment is take the risk. I did it and I am now happily working and supporting myself. It is such a rewarding feeling.”

Our role in supporting Kat in her development has been important. Her Job Coordinator, supervisor and managers have all contributed to her continuous learning and given her the confidence to master new assistive technology and apply new skills. In Kat’s view, it’s been a collaborative effort where everyone has had the kindness to make time to demonstrate the work and support her to do her best work.

Probably the greatest learning for Kat has been her new-found inspiration for helping people, and with this comes the joy of belonging to a community she loves:

“I enjoy the feeling I get when I successfully help someone achieve what they have come to us for. And it’s not just people who use our services – I like being able to assist and support my team as well.”

Kat sitting down at work in front of the branded wall

While work is Kat’s focus, as we chatted with her more, it became clear there are other passions in her life in the form of the creative and performing arts. A lover of reading, writing and singing, in particular, Kat loves to tell stories. Relatable and personal stories told through literature and music.

Kat’s personal story is a testament to the power of diversity. MercyCare’s commitment to growing and developing their Employees is a great example of how this mindset can impact individual lives as well as the organisation as a whole. By understanding Kat’s specific needs and encouraging her unique talents and skills, MercyCare have both changed a life, and nurtured a driven, passionate and compassionate Employee.

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