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Bethany’s journey with Edge began when she required extra support in finding employment when her previous role became unsustainable. Bethany found it difficult to find a job as she was discriminated against multiple times and lost confidence.

Despite being a hardworking individual with a Certificate III in Education Assistant, Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies and a Diploma of Business Management, Bethany was discriminated against due to her disability. Unfortunately, she is not alone.

The advice Bethany would give to someone thinking about hiring a person with disability is, “Give them a shot. You never know what a person is capable of until you let them show you. Allow them to do it their own way at their pace.”

Bethany worked closely with her Employer Consultant Christine to find employment as a Customer Service Consultant in the Joondalup Call Centre for Probe Group. She is loving her new role, “I love the support and community at Probe, all my colleagues are friendly and encouraging. I have the opportunity to help people. The amount of belief in my ability and opportunity to show it has made such a difference.”

Knowing Edge’s support is available has helped Bethany adjust quickly, “Knowing Edge is there has allowed me to relax. I have been able to focus on the moment and become more comfortable in the role.” With the help of her Edge Job Coach Natalie, she has gained confidence and has found her place in the working world, “Edge and my Job Coach have made me feel very valued and important. They have helped me see that I am capable.”

Bethany standing with a sign smiling.The Edge Joondalup team could not be prouder of what Bethany is achieving both personally and professionally, “Since taking on full-time employment I have found a purpose and am able to see a wider range of opportunities in life. After only one year I have been accepted for a mortgage to build my first home.”

Throughout her journey Bethany has learnt to not give up when faced with challenges, she says “you might be different but as A. A. Milne said, ‘you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’”

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