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Pan Pacific Perth’s General Manager Rob Weeden explains how their inclusive recruitment practices benefit everyone.

“Everybody starts from scratch. If you’ve got a great attitude you’ll get job at Pan Pacific Perth. It just so happens that we have some wonderful colleagues that do present with a disability, that are just like everyone else in the team. They are treated the same, interviewed the same and reviewed the same.” Rob explains.

Pan Pacific Perth has actively sought to recruit people with disability via partnering with Edge and intentionally diversified their workforce. At the same time, they’ve ensured that everyone is treated in the same way and offered the same opportunities throughout their employment. It’s through this approach that everyone has benefited.

“Many of our colleagues that come to use through Edge are working in front of house positions. They are working directly with our customers.” said Rob. He explained that it’s not only his team members that really enjoy working with their colleagues that have come to Pan Pacific Perth via Edge, it’s their customers that love them too.

“Give everybody a chance, and you’ll be rewarded tenfold. You’ll find people with disability work really hard and are really passionate about your business.” He added. With an inclusive yet fair approach that ensures people with disability really are treated equally within their workplace, Pan Pacific Perth really have created a win, win situation for all!

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