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Tiffany is currently working at Beyond Fitt as a Front Desk Receptionist greeting clients, answering phone calls, actioning emails, and serving customers in the café and juice bar. Beyond Fitt is a 24/7 Gym that provides ultimate personal training, group training and reformer Pilates.

When we asked Tiffany why she loves her job she said, “Beyond Fitt has made my transition back to employment so easy, the support and staff are amazing and Beyond Fitt provides a beautiful environment for both staff and clients. All the staff have provided me with training and answer any questions I have about my role. Beyond Fitt is providing me an opportunity to learn new skills and work within a team and independently.”

When Tiffany first contacted Edge for extra support, she worked with her Employer Consultant Jade to find employment. “My Employment Consultant Jade provided me with ongoing support and transportation to find employment in the right environment. My first week was made easier by Jade dropping me off to work, and this took away the stress while training and settling in,” said Tiffany.

Now in employment Tiffany is provided ongoing support by her Edge Job Coach Natalie, “My Job Coach Natalie met me onsite and provided me with all the information about my ongoing support. She has made me feel at ease. Moving forward I know I have a Job Coach who is going to provide me with encouragement and be someone I can talk to when needed. Natalie made sure I knew that if I had any difficulties getting to work, she could assist me. She encouraged me and made me feel confident. I know that moving forward I have all the support I need.”

Tiffany is thankful to Jade, Natalie and the Edge team for helping her secure meaningful employment, “I have always been a proactive person with a great attitude, and I love working and learning new tasks. This gives me the financial freedom to enjoy my hobbies and interests like reading, textiles and nature. I can now enjoy my independence.”

Jason smilingBeyond Fitt’s Director of Fitness Jason (pictured) said, “Tiffany has embraced everything with a can-do attitude and is very proactive in her role. She shows initiative and anything that is asked of Tiffany is always done with a great attitude and in a timely manner. Tiffany is a great addition to our team and has fit in very well from the beginning.”

We are thankful for supportive employers like Beyond Fitt and managers like Jason who help us achieve our purpose of changing lives through the power of employment.

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