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Gaining an insight into university

Our Charged Up for Work Term 1 cohort is now over halfway through their seven-week work preparation training program. The Joondalup cohort got to experience their one-day-a-week training at Edith Cowan University Joondalup.

This was a great experience for the students as the thought of attending university for many is one that is often daunting and overwhelming. The students got to gauge what attending university would possibly be like if that is the direction they will choose. They also gained an important insight into university life and the atmosphere at the campus.

Regardless of the pathway each student decides, Charged Up for Work aims to provide all participants with a holistic experience and exposure to as many post-school options as possible.

During week five of the program, the students learnt about study options, employment opportunities and participated in mock job interviews which they have been preparing and working towards over the last month. Having the students develop and showcase their interview skills in a supportive environment is an invaluable part of the program as the students are given an opportunity to improve and grow through feedback and coaching.

With only two weeks left of the term, we are excited to see the students continue to grow in confidence and skills before they enter the discovery phase of Charged Up for Work. This is when we will work with each student to help find and support them in opportunities related to their career interests.

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