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For as long as it’s needed

After placing someone in employment, we will continue to provide support to the employee and to you for as long as it is needed – there is no time limit – it can be for weeks, months or even years. It’s this commitment that has seen our placements stay in a job for an average tenure of 42 months. This benefits us all.

One example of the support our Edge staff provide is Edge Job Coach Chelsea, who recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from Shenton College Deaf Education Centre. Chelsea has been supporting four students who were undertaking a School Based Traineeship secured by our Business Development Manager, Daniel.

Edge has a long history of securing School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships and providing ongoing support to these students. At Edge we believe in providing great opportunities to clients early in their career, so they are set up for success. Many of the students who complete apprenticeships and traineeships secure long lasting employment with the company.

Allowing young people with disability the opportunity to work in an open employment environment improves the student’s confidence and increases awareness of disability in the workplace. If you would like to discuss a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunity, please contact us.

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