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First opportunities are invaluable

The Charged Up for Work team have been busy with the recent graduation of our Term 1 participants and working with last year’s cohort of students. The team is very proud of last year’s students as they have been achieving great individual pathway outcomes. One of these students is Levi.

During the seven week classroom component of Charged Up for Work, Levi expressed an interest in working in radio. The team approached RTRFM last year to see if they could secure work experience for Levi this year. RTRFM agreed and have provided a fantastic opportunity for Levi.

Levi giving the thumbs up while sitting in front of a computer.Levi loves being able to work in radio and has been cataloguing and sorting new music that is sent to the station digitally. He also enjoys helping where he is needed.

The team would like to thank RTRFM for providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for Levi. With Edge’s support and a positive workplace experience for Levi, we know this is a vital step in his career. Having a great first experience in the workplace will boost Levi’s confidence.

The growth and confidence students achieve in their first opportunities and jobs are invaluable for their future. We love being part of this journey and seeing the students thrive.

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