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Natalie joined Edge six months ago when she was looking for a new and rewarding role for herself. She was excited by the opportunity to support people with disability to find meaningful employment. Now, six months on, her role as an Edge Job Coach has enabled her to make a genuine difference in people’s lives, where she gets to see them thrive and succeed at work. Irrespective of their disability.

No two days are the same for Natalie. Every day she supports her clients in a variety of roles; from back of house tasks to making salads or cleaning ovens, ensuring they work confidently, professionally and to a high standard. She also loves encouraging her clients to upskill by helping them find ways to grow and improve their performance.

From Natalie’s perspective, it is important as a Job Coach to build professional relationships with her clients, as well as the employer. Therefore, Natalie liaises with managers, team leaders and business owners, encouraging strong relationships and transparent communication: working together to build a positive working environment.

A recent example of this was when one of Natalie’s clients, who struggled with changes in the workplace was suddenly at risk of losing their job due to a significant change. Concerned because she didn’t want to see this happen, Natalie stepped in by increasing her support services for both the client and the employee. The result? A win-win situation: the employer was extremely pleased, and the client is successful in their role. For Natalie, being able to work with employers to assist their employees, and to see the positive changes, is the ultimate reward.

From Natalie’s perspective, Edge’s point of difference is providing fantastic ongoing support after clients have been placed into a role. She believes that by giving a person with disability a chance, coupled with ongoing job support, is the best approach. Which is exactly what we do at Edge.

Natalie is grateful to work at Edge, she loves her Joondalup team, and her role is extremely rewarding. If you want to work for Edge, or meet Natalie, then give us a call on 9286 6600.

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