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Edge team invited to be guest speakers

This week, two of our Edge team members, Ra and Dal, were invited as guest speakers to an employer’s Townhall meeting. Representing Edge, they shared information about the benefits of employing people with disability and some other interesting workforce disability statistics.

One of the main points highlighted was that only 53% of working aged people with disability are employed, compared to 83% of people without disability. This represents a significant proportion of the population who are missing out on the opportunity to have meaningful work.

Ra and Dal also provided insights into why employing people with diverse abilities is a smart business decision. It can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced workers’ compensation claims, increased morale and can create a more positive workplace culture.

The session raised a number of important questions and an opportunity for us to highlight all the terrific support services we offer employers and clients at Edge.

If you would like someone at Edge to inspire you on the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workplace, get in touch.

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