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Edge offers training for working with people on the spectrum

Edge doesn’t only support organisations to find employees suited to their company, many of the employers we work with also ask for our help to ensure their workplace is open, inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities. At the same time, they want the rest of their organisation to embrace an inclusive culture too. Therefore Edge offers a variety of customised programs, including Autism and Asperger’s training, which we had the opportunity to present this week. Dal, Edge’s dedicated Trainer, presented to 25 attendees who are working together to raise disability awareness. The outcomes of the training were to:

  • help staff understand what a disability is;
  • learn about Autism and Asperger’s;
  • use inclusive language; and
  • help support a person with a disability in the workplace.

Woman presenting in front of a presentationThe feedback from the session was incredibly positive with one respondent stating, “10/10. This was a great session, very informative.” And another saying they were eager for more training, “Nice approach. I will look forward to the individual information on mental health and depression.”

If you’re interested in disability and awareness training for your organisation, then get in touch.

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