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Early intervention is key

Your first employment experience will change the way you view work forever.

At Edge we strongly believe that supporting someone at the start of their employment journey and making their first job a positive experience establishes long term success. This is why we structured our Charged Up for Work program to support and empower students as they embark on their transition into employment. This pilot program is extremely important in helping students who would not necessarily meet the requirements to otherwise be assisted into employment.

An integral learning experience for high school students is work experience or after school employment. However, these opportunities are not often easy to come by for students with disability. The absence of support programs, disability awareness and understanding amongst employers creates employment barriers.

This is why Edge has been involved in several pilot projects and initiatives over the years to support young people with disability in transitioning from school to work. As well as our Charged Up for Work Program, we are currently assisting young people with disability through our NDIS Service of School Leaver Employment Supports, school-based apprenticeships, traineeships, and Disability Employment Services (DES) for Eligible School Leavers.

The Charged Up for Work pilot consists of a tailored seven-week training program aimed at motivating students to identify, develop and achieve their education and employment goals during high school and beyond. The team recently held a graduation ceremony for the 19 students who completed the work preparation program. The graduates proudly attended and reflected on their newly learned practical employment skills and celebrated how much they have grown.

Each graduate will now receive up to 12 months of individualised support to pursue their chosen career. If you have an opportunity for our graduates, please get in touch with the team.

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