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Daniel and Pan Pacific Perth are a perfect match

In February 2020, Daniel joined the food and beverage team at Pan Pacific Perth.

From the outset it was a team effort. Daniel first approached Pan Pacific Perth about the role himself, and when it became apparent that he was a strong contender, Edge worked with Daniel to assist in contract negotiation and transitioning into the workplace to ensure that he would be set up for success in the long-term.

Daniel kept very busy delivering room service, assisting the concierge and preparing the conference rooms for events. His Edge Job Coach Antoinette is full of praise and says, “Daniel has been an absolute delight. His work ethic is amazing.”

So much so, that Daniel was recently appointed Team Leader of In-Room Dining and Room Service. At the same time, Pan Pacific Perth started looking at developing Daniel’s event management skills as the next progression in his career. Daniel was delighted, “Meeting and serving people is what I love most about working at Pan Pacific.”

When we asked Daniel’s supervisors about what it’s like to work with him, they had the following to say, “Daniel is a conscientious, reliable and hardworking team member. He puts in more effort than most and his manner is always friendly and pleasant. I have had two guests at separate times call down to complain about food or missing items, but asked me not to blame the delivery guy, because he was awesome and a champion.” – Justine O’Meara, Bar and Beverage Manager.

“Daniel can never do enough to support the food and beverage team, and is always first to put his hand up to help in any way that he can. He is reliable and well liked in the team! He is always happy to be at work and permanently has a smile on his face!” – Camilla Ure, Restaurant Manager.

“Daniel is focused and diligent when at work. He arrives with purpose and knows what he needs to get done at the beginning of each shift. He is always happy to get stuck in and get things done. He is a great asset to the team and always reliable!” – Suresh Subramaniam, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage.

It brings us great joy to see how happy Daniel is. It’s a blessing to see what has bloomed from Daniel’s hard work and Edge’s collaborative relationship with Pan Pacific Perth so far. We can’t wait to watch Daniel’s career progress, as his true potential is uncovered. We look forward to watching Daniel’s success story as it continues to unfold!

For more on Daniel’s journey, watch the video below!

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