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Without supportive employers providing opportunities, our team at Edge couldn’t continue changing lives through the power of employment. One of these employers is Joseph, the owner of Boboulo Mobile Cabinet & Sons. Boboulo have been doing kitchen renovations from start to finish in the Malaga area since 1995.

Joseph began hiring people with disability when he was approached by an Edge Employer Consultant who was helping a client search for a job in 2018. Since then, this client has finished his qualification at Boboulo and Joseph has recently employed Stephen as an Apprentice.

Stephen loves learning a trade and enjoys using the power tools on site. Through Joseph providing an opportunity, Stephen has enjoyed the newfound freedom that employment has given him. When Stephen first engaged with Edge, he mentioned that he was saving for a new phone. Through his Apprenticeship, Stephen has now been able to buy the new phone he was saving for and has been given the chance to buy things he would never have been able to afford. “It was nice to be offered my first full time job at 17, it gets me out of the house and with a supportive employer who I get along with well,” said Stephen.

Having Stephen as an Apprentice has been enjoyable for Joseph as he loves being able to share his knowledge and skills with people who are eager to learn and grow. When we asked Joseph about what it is like working with the Edge team, he answered “I am appreciative of the support from Edge with hiring clients and working with the Edge team to further grow my business.”

The support from the Edge Job Coaches has also impressed Joseph. “Anytime I reach out to Edge Job Coach Luke, he responds in a timely manner and attends the site regularly for support for Stephen and myself.”

Job Coach Luke supports Stephen fortnightly in the workplace and has been helping Stephen with understanding his payslips. “I feel extremely supported by Luke in the workplace and feel I would not be successful without the support provided,” said Stephen.

Boboulo is the French word for ‘beautiful job’ and that is how Stephen is feeling about his Apprenticeship and he is very grateful for how supportive Joseph is.

Supportive and passionate employers like Joseph allow us to continue providing suitable opportunities to job seekers with disability, injury, illness, health condition or impairment. Joseph encourages other companies to give people a go without any stigma about their disability. He believes everyone deserves a chance to learn and grow in whatever they choose. The Edge team could not agree more. If you can provide any employment opportunities including work experience for someone, please contact us today.

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