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Celebrating the year that was

Yesterday our clients, staff and Board of Directors gathered at our AGM to celebrate and reflect on the year that has been. Thank you to those who attended and contributed to a great evening.

A special mention must go to the highlight of the night- one of our clients, Soham. He shared his amazing story and moved everyone in the room. Soham has worked closely with our Business Development Manager Daniel Doble over the past year. You may even remember Soham from one of our newsletters last year where he featured as the Job Seeker Spotlight.

Daniel is extremely proud of how Soham has grown since they met, “He is truly an inspiring and talented young man. Soham is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Arts and has the most amazing attitude which everyone got to see last night. He is hardworking, committed and has a great support network from his family. At last year’s AGM, Soham was inspired by our client Daniel’s story, so he messaged me the next day saying, ‘I want to share my story next year at the AGM.’ Soham did and he inspired us all.”

Soham has recently started a new role as a Transformation and Technology Officer at Synergy and is still currently working as a Library Assistant at Murdoch University.

He is a true testament to our purpose of changing lives through the power of employment and we wish Soham all the best in his new role.

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