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Bethany’s Workplace Modifications

In certain circumstances, people with disability may require changes to be made in their workplace. This can include physical changes, buying equipment, modifications, or accessing services like communications technology and Auslan interpreting services.

Once an Edge job seeker secures a role, we work in partnership with the client and their employer to overcome challenges, discuss workplace modifications, and ensure everyone feels supported.

The Edge team helps with the modification process and accessing funding for the workplace amendments or specialist equipment, ensuring the new employee can work to the best of their ability.

Bethany is one of our clients who received assistance with workplace modifications. Bethany reached out to her Edge Job Coach Natalie to help her with the process. With available funding provided by Job Access, our Edge team helped create the most productive workplace for Bethany, saving time and money for her employer.

Bethany is legally blind with significant visual impairment and required some adjustments for her role at Probe Joondalup Contact Centre.

“My workplace modifications included zoom text, larger computer monitors, ergonomic setup and lighting. It has assisted me with eye strain, my productivity increased and helped reduce stressors at work.”

Bethany has greatly benefited from the process and modifications, saying, “My previous Team Leader welcomed my Job Coach to put in place adaptations to assist me. The process was easy. My Job Coach organised it all. She helped with transportation to and from work and the setting up of my computers and workspace. Edge has been supportive with occupational therapy assessments, liaising with my Occupational Therapist and Team Leaders, off-site support, medical appointments, informal counselling and encouragement.”

Knowing Edge’s support is available has helped Bethany adjust quickly. “Knowing Edge is there has allowed me to relax. I have been able to focus on the moment and become more comfortable in the role.”

With the help of her Edge Job Coach Natalie, she has gained confidence and has found her place in the working world. “Edge and my Job Coach have made me feel valued, supported, encouraged and important. They have helped me see that I am capable.”

Employment has opened many doors for Bethany. “Since taking on full-time employment, I have found a purpose and am able to see a wider range of opportunities in life. I am financially independent and never thought or considered I would be accepted for a mortgage to build my first home.”

Having workplace modifications has allowed Bethany to thrive in her role—so much so she was even recently promoted to Call Centre Agent!

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