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Kelly’s Detailing & Edge Employment Solutions working together

Learn how Edge Employment Solutions worked with Ben Kelly, a sole-trader, to assist him in running his own car detailing business.

Many people do not think of people with a disability being self-employed. With the assistance of Edge, Ben Kelly successfully started his own mobile car detailing company.

Ben has been on his Edge journey for 8 years. He worked at Woolworths for 3 years before discovering his passion for car detailing. His first job at Woolworths taught him valuable lessons he carried with him when he started his own business, Kelly’s Detailing.

His advice to other Job Seekers is to “keep looking for that job”.

Edge guided Ben in starting his own company. Ben knew how to detail a car, but required assistance in the administration and financial side of the company. With Edge’s assistance a Facebook business page was created, advertising was planned and Edge Employees were the first to get their cars cleaned. It was not long before Ben was managing all the processes himself and his business took off.

At Edge, we know how hard it is starting a new job, opportunity or business. We helped Ben when he was unsure and guided him to achieve his dream of starting his own business and we remain loyal customers of Kelly’s Detailing.

Ben has worked hard to get to where he is today and is a popular member of the Edge family. Ben has enjoyed the freedom and control of having his own business.

“Having my own business is allowing me to work when I want to work. Do the jobs that I enjoy doing and knowing I will be able to get a good result”.

Running and operating his own business has taught Ben many lessons including the discipline needed to be his own boss.

When he finishes a job, Ben asks himself “if that is my car, would I be happy with it?”

Ben wants other people to find the job they love and where they belong. We need people to be given a fair go and seen for their abilities.

“There is a place for everyone in the world, you just got to find it. Give them a shot and give them a chance- you would be silly not to. We are all entitled to a chance and to give it a go.”

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