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Kim has worked at Nando’s for eight years as a Cashier, meeting and greeting patrons as they come in to enjoy a special meal. Kim’s work ethic and high cleaning standards soon earned her a reputation as not only a loyal worker but a very reliable one, especially when there were any visiting quality control inspections.

As times changed and franchise expectations grew, Kim and her work colleagues were required to get their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate. Even though her local store was not serving alcohol any time soon, it was a requirement for all staff.

Kim felt very concerned about this. Technology had never been her friend and the idea of completing an online course seemed very daunting. If Kim was being honest, it seemed to be a bit of a waste of time given her store was not actually serving alcohol.

With the determination and support of Edge and her Job Coach Kellie, Kim toiled away at completing the course for several nights. This involved answering numerous online questions and culminated in a video needing to be uploaded of acting out a scenario of responding to a ‘tricky’ patron acting intoxicated.

Not long after receiving her qualification, Kim was unexpectedly approached by her Manager to see if she could fill in at another store. They needed someone with her skills and expertise at cleaning, and they had to have their RSA as the store served alcohol. Kim was a little nervous but ended up feeling very happy after her shift and the store was equally as pleased. As a result of this, Kim has been able to pick up more shifts and more hours which has been a huge financial boost.

Technology will never become a passion for Kim, but she has learned that determination and perseverance can open new opportunities.

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