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Australia Post helping young adults with disabilities

An area that we are particularly passionate about at Edge is supporting young people with disability to enter the workforce, particularly through School Based Traineeships.

It is said it takes a village to raise a child. But behind the scenes it takes almost as many to secure a traineeship; Cannington Community Education Support Centre (CCESC) students Nicholas, Hugo and Zidane are living examples of this. In November 2019, Account Manager Daniel secured their Student Based Traineeships with Australia Post. Connections were then made by Jenny, Edge’s Resident School Based Traineeship Specialist, to introduce the CCESC students and staff to their Job Coaches Ben and Bernie.

Carollyn Pears, CCESC Workplace Learning Co-ordinator, spoke about the vital role Edge plays in student development; “I have worked with Edge Employment Solutions for many years. During this time, I have found them to be very professional and accommodating with our students.”

“Without the assistance from the staff at Edge our students would simply not have as many opportunities to explore and succeed in the wider community.”

Recently we had students begin a School Based Traineeship at Australia Post. Edge helped secure the traineeships and have continued to support them in the workplace. Ben’s support has been invaluable. He scheduled time to come to the school each week to help the students work through the modules for the traineeships, which is often a challenge for them to complete independently. Since beginning the traineeship, the students have gained independence and improved their self-confidence. They now feel empowered to overcome challenges thrown their way.”

It should never be underestimated how important employment is to an individuals’ pride. All three students have entered an adult working environment and embraced this new adventure with a maturity beyond their years.

Given the extraordinary challenges 2020 delivered, all the students have not only managed the pressure, but excelled in an environment many would ordinarily struggle with. This is possible through the hard work and collaborative efforts Edge is known for.

Since day one, the students were welcomed by the Australia Post staff and made to feel a part of the team. The uniform and sense of belonging, many of us take for granted, is pivotal in the individual development of these students. From the moment the boys received their Australia Post hats they felt like they belonged. Nicholas especially, finished his first day beaming with pride.

When the students gathered for their weekly study session, they often exchanged stories about Australia Post and how much they enjoy their work. They are very passionate about their work, and all three have expressed an interest in pursuing a career with Australia Post in the future.

Nicholas, Hugo and Zidane truly embody Edge’s team spirit of hard work and being team players.

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