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Anthony celebrates 20 years at Woolworths Subiaco

Edge’s client, Anthony, was recently presented his 20 year service badge at Woolworths Subiaco, which was a significantly proud moment for Anthony, and for all of us here at Edge.

We were so excited for Anthony that we felt this milestone was definitely worth sharing. Why? Because this is more than just a work anniversary. We’re celebrating how Anthony’s life changed after finding meaningful, stable and fulfilling employment. He feels valued by his employer and as a result, his life is fuller, richer and more rewarding. We at Edge believe that everyone should have access to meaningful work, including Anthony, so we are thrilled to celebrate with him.

Man smiling next to his gift boxAnthony is a Checkout Operator who loves his job, meeting and interacting with customers. We’ve been on Anthony’s employment journey since the beginning, supporting him throughout his 20 years at Woolworths. “I appreciate all the help and support Edge have given me. I don’t think I would have lasted this long if it weren’t for Edge always being there for me and my employer,” he said during a recent catch up.

Anthony might think he has us to thank for his long-term employment relationship. But we believe it comes down to his hard work, loyalty and motivation, as well as the strong partnership we have built with Woolworths. They have been very supportive of Anthony’s employment journey.

Did you know? Research shows that people with disability are shown to be longer serving and have lower turnover than employees without a disability.

In the last four years, Anthony has been supported by Edge Job Coach, Amy, who acknowledges that Anthony provides excellent customer service to his clients and has been awarded many customer service awards! “I have enjoyed watching Anthony grow over the four years I have supported him, seeing how he builds great relationships with his co-workers, and as a result is treated like a valuable team member. Anthony is a great employee and rarely takes days off work. He also regularly offers to cover his co-workers’ shifts when they are unavailable.”

Did you know? Employees with disability have less sick days compared to the average employee. The accrued cost of sick days in employees with disability was less than half of the cost of the average employee.

A huge congratulations to Anthony from the team at Edge. We are looking forward to continuing to support him on his journey and will let you know when Anthony receives his 30 year badge!


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