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Accessibility is about ensuring everyone can use your website

The internet has completely changed how we live our lives, even more so in the last 18 months since COVID-19 hit. Websites have revolutionised the way we socialise, work, shop, play and even find jobs, and are more accessed than ever before.

We recently reviewed our website and are excited to reveal our transformed, more accessible site. We believe that websites should be open to all – no matter your background, language, location, or physical and mental ability. This is why we’ve taken an important step to build a more inclusive website for the digital community, aiming to make visiting our site an experience that everyone can enjoy. We want to lead by example, but know we still have improvements to make.

We love what we can share online and think everyone should have equal access. Therefore, we have made some of the following changes to our website:

  • Clean white background
  • Reduced the amount of colour
  • Images include alternative text to describe them to people who cannot see the image
  • Easy to read fonts

So now we ask you: how accessible is your website?

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