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A Star is Born

For the last 2 years, Ryan has been a valued member of the Decant Processing Team at Kmart in the Hay Street Mall, Perth.

Responsible for decanting stock onto the correct department rails for distribution on the Shop Floor, his hard work and commitment have not gone unnoticed by his colleagues. A multi-award winner, Ryan has been a shining light at work, continuing to impress everyone he works with.

Ryan’s Manager at Kmart, Laura, has helped to guide him in the right direction, and she has been glowing in her feedback.

“Ryan is an incredibly hard worker and always gives 100% effort. Recently we have undergone a lot of change in store and Ryan has been instrumental in supporting these changes and has embraced the process with a positive attitude. Ryan has also been focusing on his communication with the team and seeking feedback on his delivery. I am incredibly proud of his concerted efforts and contribution to the team. WELL DONE RYAN.”

As someone with Learning Disability and ADHD, Ryan receives High Ongoing Support from his Edge Job Coach, Chelsea, and the wider Edge team and it’s something Ryan is incredibly grateful for. “Since being at Kmart again Edge have been there for me. Both Chelsea and Pauline have been great support. They have accepted me as both a client and a friend.”

For Ryan, employment has given him a lot back to him. “Working at Kmart has made me more confident and to become a better role model to my family as a worker. Employing someone with a disability make you as a person feel equal to your friends who do not have a disability, especially in the retail industry.”

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