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A job is something many of us take for granted. But not Brent.

Brent has been working at AAA Egg Farm for the past five months where he is a Gardener and Handyman. He has made a great impression on his manager Gemma, “Brent is kind, courteous, very punctual and reliable. He’s very sweet and I look forward to seeing his little grin when I drive into the farm. With gardening on a farm, flies can be the biggest interruption to your day. While we continue to complain about them and try to stay inside, Brent just happily gets on with it.”

His usual duties involve taking care of the front presentation of the property through gardening, hedging and weeding. Brent ensures the property is looking tidy.

We asked Brent why he loves his job and he said, “two main things, the ability for me to be free to choose what needs to be done within the constraints of the job and mainly being outside.” He also has had an enjoyable employment experience at AAA Egg Farm as the team he works with are always friendly, everyone is respectful and they appreciate his work.

Working with his Edge Job Coach Kim and the Edge team, “have been an immense help to me” says Brent. “They are always friendly and looked out for my concerns when I got this job. Edge helped with the process of starting my position and have made me feel very supported. I have had my voice heard.”

Recently Brent changed from casual to permanent, a testament to his work ethic and personality. This has been further backed up by Edge Job Coach Kim, “This is the second job in which I have supported Brent as his Job Coach. I can honestly say that the pleasure is all mine. Brent is extremely reliable and has a very positive attitude towards his work. He is punctual, a hard worker and is a great asset to have in the workplace. I would like to thank Brent for his open communication with myself, he has made my job easier.”

Having a job is something that Brent does not take for granted as he now has something to fill his time with and the added financial freedom employment provides.

Brent encourages other employers to give people with disability an opportunity, “People with disability have valuable skills which will augment and enrich your workplace.” His advice to those with a disability, “You are valuable. You have skills. You can do this!”A job is something many of us take for granted. But not Brent.

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