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It’s taken only 8 months for Michael to become a favourite among the team at Coles Gateways. And it’s easy to see why.
A reliable and hard worker with a heart of gold, his dedication and commitment to trolley collecting and cleaning have not gone unnoticed.

Michael’s Manager at Coles, Suzi, couldn’t be happier with the efforts Michael has been putting in. “I absolutely adore Michael and he is a valued member of the team.”

And it all couldn’t be possible without the help and support Michael has received from his Edge Job Coach, Tayla, and the wider Edge team.
After helping Michael find and secure work, the ongoing support from Tayla has helped Michael improve his performance and knowledge. It’s also given him confidence from knowing he has a Job Coach who is always available to help him.

Employment has given a lot back to Michael. “I love how my job makes me feel, working outdoors and interacting with colleagues. Employment has given me a purpose and independence and has improved my communication skills.”

For employers hesitant to bring someone on with a disability, Michael has this advice. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Luckily for Coles Gateway, Michael’s story is just starting.

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