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 600 jobs for people with disability

Over 21 years ago, Mal walked through the front doors of Edge for the very first time, unaware of how many lives he was going to change on his journey over the last 21 years.

With over 32 years of experience supporting people with disability to find and maintain meaningful employment, 21 of those at Edge, it is almost impossible to describe the profoundly positive impact Mal has had on the lives of the people he’s worked with.

At Edge alone, Mal has directly supported over 600 people to find a job. That number is only the start, with an immeasurable number of people indirectly impacted by this tremendous feat, including the family, friends and businesses he engaged with along the way.

As an Employer Consultant, Mal is one of the first people our clients meet, and he plays a crucial role in their employment journey. He gets to know each person, builds rapport, learns their passions and interests, and of course assists with skill development.

Mal then starts the process of engaging with numerous businesses across Perth to find the best possible employment opportunity to meet the goals of both the individual and the employer.

“I like to create roles for job seekers that businesses have never considered before, and then to see the power of employment not only change the life of the job seeker but also their family and the workplace,” says Mal.

A key part of Mal’s role is working with businesses to see if they have suitable opportunities or help them to create one, “The relationships I have been able to build with our employers and gaining their trust and passion to employ people with disability is my specialisation.

I am able to talk to all types of companies, from Government to HR departments as well as the local fish and chip shop, as this all comes back to the type of work the client is wanting,” he continues.

There are many life-changing stories that we could share about Mal’s impact, but this is one of Mal’s favourites. “A client was told by another agency that he would never work again after being unemployed for 12 years due to a stroke and having dialysis three times a week. I’m proud to say he is now happily employed, and the smile on his face is all the reward I need,” says Mal.

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